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Eurofins opens first commercial post-entry plant quarantine facility in Australia

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Eurofins Umwelt West GmbH Wesseling

Eurofins Umwelt West GmbH Wesseling

Vorgebirgsstrasse 20
D-50389 Wesseling bei Köln

Tel: +49 2236 897 0
Fax: +49 2236 897 555


The two sites (Dr: Hallermayer and ILWA), in Augsburg and Nürnberg, conduct a broad range of chemical and bacteriological analyses of food and water for retailers and food producers in Germany. Of specific interest are methods to analyse residues, contaminants and nutritional values. The laboratory in Augsburg offers in addition a broad range of analyses for potable water. Nürnberg site offers hygieneand quality-audits and sample-collection across Germany. The Berlin office has a strong expertise in the field of fruit juice analysis.

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