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DNA Services

DNA sequencing, Genotyping, Molecular Biology

Eurofins | Medigenomix provides professional services for Genome Research and AppliedGenetics. It is an innovative bioanalytical company, specialising inDNA analyses. The team has more than 10 years of experience in DNAsequencing projects of all sizes and is a member of the German HumanGenome Project. The sequencing service is completed withbio-informatics and molecular biology services such as production ofDNA-libraries and synthetic genes, DNA-preparation (incl. large scale),PCR optimisation, cloning, mutagenesis and Real Time PCR for geneexpression studies and SNP analysis.

In the fields of Applied Genetics, Medigenomix specialises in Genotypingfor animal breeding and plant growing, forensics and paternity testingas well as food-analysis, veterinary diagnostics and pharmacogenetics.Typical services by genetic fingerprinting are:

  • Verification of Identity and parentage analysis in humans and various animalspecies (paternity testing)
  • Production of DNA profiles for the German Forensic DNA Database and mass screenings for police case work
  • Selection of best-suited individuals for breeding programs
  • Determination of genetic diversity in populations
  • Monitoring of genetic modifications in animals and plants (QTL analysis)
  • Gene mapping on humans and animals
  • Whole Genome scans for gene mapping and linkage analysis on humans and animals
  • Beef gender testing
  • Bird sexing

Inthe field of veterinary diagnostics different genetic tests forlivestock and dogs are provided, e.g. BLAD, SCID, PRA. Of topicalactual interest is Scrapie genotyping. Sequencing the variants of thePrP gene provide breeders with valuable information for breedingprograms towards more resistant flocks. Together with our partners inthe Eurofins Group, we have developed a DNA-based system for meattraceability to improve consumer protection inthe meat chain.

ThisEUROFINS-TAGTM system is best suited for controlling the reliability ofexisting paper based traceability systems and thus can improve consumerprotection significantly.

New applications areSNP-analyses for Pharmacogenetics and Genetic Risk Profiling, whichwill enable individualised medication and better health care. Togetherwith Analytico Medinet, we offer these genetic typing servicesincluding DNA/RNA preparation for medical and ph armacological studies.

Equipped with the latest technical devices for high throughput analyses and longterm experience in all fields of DNA analyses, we guarantee results ofthe highest quality at very short turn-around-times and expertprofessional advice.

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