Analysis of Cereals

Cereals are mainly produced from grains. The term "breakfast cereals" has been established for products that are usually consumed for breakfast. Cereals are produced by diverse production processes. Because of that there are numerous possibilities to combine common grains with other ingredients (e.g. cornflakes products, multigrain products, ground and roasted products, extruder products, puffed products, shredded products).

Cornflakes are industrially processed breakfast cereals. They are made from maize, which has been cooked, ground and dried, together with other ingredients. Cornflakes are normally eaten for breakfast with milk, yogurt or fruit juice. They may also be a part of muesli.

Muesli usualy contains following ingredients:

  1. One or more types of cereal
  2. Fruit (e.g. dried fruits)
  3. Oilseeds (e.g. nuts, sunflower or pumkin seeds)

Eurofins covers the whole analytical spectrum of cereals and their raw materials with its varied range of analysis.

Your Contact for all Enquiries Concerning the Analysis of Cereals


Christine Freisleder

Analytical Service Manager
Eurofins | Analytik
Tel.: +49 (0)40 492 94-1733



Relevant Products
  • Cereals
    - Muesli
    - Cornflakes products
    - Multigrain products
    - Ground and roasted products
    - Extruder products
    - Puffed products
    - Shredded products
  • Raw materials for producing cereals
    - Cereals
    - Fruits
    - Oilseeds

... and many others - just don't hesitate to ask!


Our Parameters for the Analysis of Cereals
National and international evaluation of marketability and labelling
General analytics for your products
  • Sensory analysis
  • Sieve analysis, filling quantity
  • Separation of value-adding component
  • Nutritional analysis (including nutrition facts for USA, Canada, etc.)
  • Preparation (e.g. pests, microorganic growth) 

Specific analysis for your products
  • Coumarin
  • Theobromine, caffeine
  • Additives
  • Vitamins, minerals
  • Allergens
    - allergens of plant origin: gluten, peanut, hazelnut
    - allergens of animal origin: lactose, protein
    - pseudo allergens: sulphites
  • Microbiology
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) 
Analysis of residues and contaminants
Analysis of packages (migration test)
Other Services
  • Consulting
    - Check for labelling requirements according to EU and international regulations
    - Comprehensive and flexible customer service from highly skilled staff
  • Data export
    - In excel format
    - Free EOL (Eurofins online)
  • Sampling
    - Sample collection
    - Purchasing of samples

Do you need any further information about the analysis of cereals? Please contact us.

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