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Learn more about the latest developments in our services for the analysis of spices and flavours, egg and poultry and fish and seafood as well as for the analysis of mycotoxins, organic and inorganic contaminants and veterinary drug residues. All Eurofins News are available at:

January 2012: EU relaxes measures on food and feed imports from Japan
December 2011: New Technique for Mineral Oil Determination
November 2011: Determination of Glycidyl Esters
October 2011: New maximum limits for PAH
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Eurofins Food Testing Newsletter

Our Food Testing Newsletter with detailed information about the latest trends and developments in food analysis is published three times a year. Below please find a selection of articles related to our Competence Centres and Laboratories of Excellence. Our current and previous newsletter is available at::

N° 37 - November 2011: New maximum levels for PAHs
N° 37 - November 2011: Analysis of heavy metals in food and feed at ultra-low levels
N° 37 - November 2011: New method for direct determination of glycidyl esters using LC-MS
N° 37 - November 2011: Determination of mineral oil hydrocarbons
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