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Contract Research for Pharma and Biotech

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Our test offering for preclinical and clinical research and development.

Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing is a leading global contract research organization (CRO) for customers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

We offer you comprehensive know-how in preclinical and clinical research and development and a worldwide network of laboratories. We are decentralized and unbureaucratic, but nevertheless a large research institution that offers you access to state-of-the-art technologies, enormous capacities, IT logistics and a global presence. In Hamburg, Homburg, Constance and Munich, four teams of experts are at your disposal in Germany.

Our service portfolio in Germany: 

  Eurofins BPT Hamburg Eurofins BPT Munich Eurofins PHAST Homburg Eurofins PHAST Konstanz
Bio/Pharmaceutical GMP Services        
Biochemistry Services        
Method Development & Validation  
Residual Impurity Testing  
Chemistry Services        
Extractables and Leachables      
Container Closure Testing      
Metals Analysis      
Method Development and Validation  
Impurities Testing  
Facility Validation Support        
Pharmaceutical Water Testing      
Pharmaceutical Gas Testing   x    
Environmental Monitoring    
Disinfectant Validation   x    
Cleaning & Other/GMP Process Validations  
Non-Sterile Products Testing    
Sterility Testing      
Endotoxins Determination    
Identification of Microorganisms   x    
Mycoplasma Testing      
Antibiotic potency testing   x    
Molecular & Cell Biology        
Potency Assays / Bioassays    
qPCR Assays      
Host Cell Protein & ELISA Assays    
Stability Storage & Testing        
Full ICH Stability Studies  
GMP Storage  
Alternative Toxicology      
Genetic Toxicology      
Other Specialty Services        
Viral Safety Testing   x    
Viral Clearance        
Release Testing  
Raw Materials Testing    
Cell Bank Manufacturing   x    
Cell Bank Characterization   x    
Container Testing   x    
Spectroscopy: NMR (Festkörper), IR, NIR, XRPD, Raman      
Antimicrobial / Biocides/ Virucides        
Efficacy Testing    
Physico-Chemical & Analytical Studies      
Medical Devices  
Chemical & Physico-Chemical Testing      
Safety & Efficacy Studies      
Medical Marijuana        
Cannabis Testing and Consulting   x    
Cannabis Production   x    
Reference Standards      

X = performed within Eurofins network