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Biological Safety and Alternative Toxicology Studies

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Safety tests without animal testing

Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Munich is a leading contract research organization in the execution of biological safety tests excluding animal testing. Compliance with the 3Rs principle - Replace, Reduce and Refine - is always a top priority for us.

Our assessment methods are based on a unique approach, which leads to an improved prediction of the results for humans.

Our services

Our service portfolio includes methods for the determination of acute systemic toxicity, skin and eye irritation as well as skin allergies excluding animal testing. In addition, we aim to reduce the number of animal studies for the determination of repeated dose toxicity, carcinogenicity and reproductive toxicity.

Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Munich works closely with independent scientists and authorities to adapt the methods to the various regulations.

In partnership with researchers and customers, we advance the development and application of in vitro and ex vivo methods in pre-validation and validation studies.

Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Munich contributes to the further development of animal welfare and encourages other companies to understand animal welfare as a core aspect of social responsibility.

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