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Endocrine Disruptor Webinar Registration

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Title: Challenges of Endocrine Disruptor Testing
Duration: 40 minutes 22 seconds
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Public policy and regulatory decision making pushed the process of establishing testing programs and strategies to assess the safety of currently used chemicals with regard to their potential to interact with the endocrine system of man and wildlife, resulting in potential impacts on reproduction, growth, and/or development. Specifically, the USA, Japan, and EU have established testing approaches and regulatory frameworks with aim to assess the risks associated with chemicals that have endocrine disrupting properties (EDCs). These testing batteries were designed to work as a whole with all of the in vitro screening assays. The basis for selecting an assay to include in the battery involved main aspects: the capacity of an assay to detect estrogen, androgen, and/or thyroid mediated effects by various modes of action. For the determination of androgen and estrogen endocrine disruptors official guidelines for in vitro tests are available, whereas in vitro tests for detection thyroid disruptors are currently under evaluation and validation. Although these in vitro endocrine disruptor assays are proposed as components of a screening test battery, the results will be used in making weight-of-evidence decisions.
Topics include: 

  • Which in vitro tests are available for Endocrine Disruptors?
  • What challenges are associated with in vitro tests? 
  • How can the results of an in vitro test be evaluated?


Kristin Rödig, Study Director in vitro Pharmacology and Toxicology at Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Munich