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30 Years of Eurofins - 30 Years of Growth

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30 years – how it all started

Eurofins was founded in October 1987 as a small start-up company with 4 employees. The foundation based on a specific method for the verification of artificially added sugar in wine which the parents of today’s CEO Dr. Gilles Martin, Gerard and Maryvonne Martin, developed at the University of Nantes. After 30 years of continuous growth and the further development of analyses and consulting services in the fields of food, environment, pharmacy and others, in 2017 we are now celebrating our 30th anniversary.

Read more in our brochure “30 Years Testing for Life”.

30 years of scientific progress

Every month Eurofins performs 30 million tests. Many analyses are very complex – we often search for minimal traces of a substance. This means that our work sometimes requires years of tedious research and steady improvement of our numerous methods. In other areas we react overnight to global health crises. In the past 30 years, Eurofins repeatedly was one of the first organisations worldwide in the development of new test procedures. Our laboratories all around the world help in improving cancer treatment, fighting the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, convicting criminals, protecting the health of bees, ensuring the safety of our food and water, determining fatherhoods, and defeating diseases and viruses such as Zika.

More information on these and additional interesting examples can be found in our brochure „30 Years of Scientific Innovation“.