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Eurofins Germany Donates 100,000 Euros to Charitable Organisations

Eurofins Spendenscheck-Übergabe an den Kinderhospizverein

Donation check handover in Hamburg: (from left to right) Michael Rünz, Managing Director and Country Manager of Eurofins Food Germany, Paul Quiter and Albert Kattwinkel from the executive board of the  German Children's Hospice Association and Dietrich Roettger, Managing Director of Eurofins Environment Germany.

To mark the company's 30th anniversary, the entire Eurofins Laboratory Group donated a total of 1 million euros to support more than 40 charitable projects. For this purpose, Eurofins locations around the world selected organisations that are committed to a safer and healthier world for all people, in line with Eurofins' mission. Now the German donation recipients rceived their donation checks: Eurofins Germany supports local and global projects of UNICEF, the German Red Cross and the German Children's Hospice Association with a total of 100,000 euros.

Clean Drinking Water by UNICEF

UNICEF's "Water saves Lives" programme supports various projects worldwide. The treatment of water into clean drinking water and hygiene measures help to improve the lives of children. In the so-called WASH(WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene) programme, UNICEF is building wells and installing treatment technology to provide access to clean drinking water. The construction of sanitary facilities and training in appropriate personal hygiene reduce hygiene-related diseases. These measures are closely linked to access to education: Many children do not attend schools because they have to travel time-consuming distances to get clean water.

Food Security by the German Red Cross

With a two-part donation to the German Red Cross, Eurofins aims to contribute to a secure basic food supply, especially in areas affected by natural disasters. Among other things, the GRC is committed to providing small farmers in rural areas with basic equipment and know-how for sustainable farming. Part of the donation goes to a project in Madagascar. Here, measures to cope with extreme weather conditions are established hand in hand with the rural population. The second part of the donation is available for emergency food security measures in order to provide rapid assistance in the form of drinking water and emergency supplies in acute crisis situations.

Support for Children and Their Families by the German Children's Hospice Association

As a local matter of the heart, the largest share of donations went to the German Children's Hospice Association e.V., which supports children, young people and young adults with life shortening diseases. The main concern is to accompany the sick children, their siblings and parents from the time of diagnosis. Life in all its facets, dying and the time after the children’s death are the focus of the work.

Eurofins makes an important contribution to clean drinking water and safe food for a healthy life with effective controls and reliable, state-of-the-art analytics in Germany and the world. Knowing that this is not a matter of course for many people, we are very happy to be able to support the projects above.

For more information about Eurofins’ Anniversary Donation, please visit the Eurofin's anniversary pages.