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Food Control in the Iran

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Visit of Eurofins Germany in Tehran, Mashad and Kerman

Since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was concluded in July 2015, sanctions against the Iran are being lifted and the international trade with this country gradually normalizes. This also affects the exports of Iranian food into the European Union, which is expected to rapidly recover to levels much higher than prior the sanctions. The Iran is renowned for its high quality dried fruits, nuts, tea, spices and fruit juices and in particular Iranian saffron and pistachios are something special and sought-after. Organic food production is just starting. Consequently the services of Eurofins are required to test the safety, authenticity and quality of these products prior shipment.

On invitation of Mr. Ali Shariati Moghadam, Chief of the Agriculture and Water Commission, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, and Managing Director of the Novin Saffron Company, Mashad, a delegation of Eurofins Germany visited the Iran from September 24th to 29th to meet with exporters of tea, spices, pistachios and edible oils in Tehran, Mashad and Kerman. Two workshops were organized at the chambers in Tehran and Mashad with the following presentations:

  • Introduction to the Eurofins group, a global provider of analytical services. The role of private laboratories for food control in the EU and advantages of a network of analytical competence centers, Dr. Sharareh Tarimoradi (Eurofins Biotesting Nord GmbH, Hamburg)
  • Diversity of international food legislation with the focus on EU law. Theory and praxis of risk assessment of contaminants and pesticide residues based on potential health hazards and definition of maximum limits and maximum residue limits, MRLs, Dr. Werner Nader (managing director, Eurofins Global Control GmbH, Hamburg)
  • The market and EU legislation for food from organic agriculture and opportunities for the Iranian exporters, Thomas Unger (managing director, Eurofins Global Control GmbH, Hamburg)
  • Safety and quality requirements for the import of tea, spices, nuts and dried fruits to the EU with special emphasis on pesticides and their analysis, Jörg Lickfett (strategic account manager for international markets, Eurofins Germany)
  • Modern DNA-based analytical methods for food authenticity testing with the special focus on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Halal food and Basmati authenticity, Dr. Werner Nader (managing director, Eurofins Global Control GmbH, Hamburg)

In the follow-up Eurofins will not only offer its services to Iranian food exporters and their customers in international markets (EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China etc.) to improve their business, but also for the control of food imports into the Iran in the interest of the Iranian consumer.

Further information in Persian language (Farsi) is available under these links:

Workshop at the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines in Tehran. From left to right: Thomas Unger, Jörg Lickfett, Dr. Sharareh Tarimoradi, Dr. Werner Nader (Eurofins) -  Ali Shariati Moghadam, Novin Saffron Comp.

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