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WEBINAR on Demand: Focus on Pesticide Analysis – Evaluation of Measurement Results

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How to Assess the Product Risk

There are over 1,500 approved pesticides in plant protection worldwide. Depending on the country, the legal regulations for handling pesticide residues differ. In the international food trade, test reports are regarded as evidence of the residue situation. The selection of the relevant parameters plays a decisive role in minimising the product risk.

In this webinar you will get to know how to correctly assess analytical results in test reports and what influence the analytical variation has on the assessment result.

Webinar Content

  • Legal requirements (incl. organic products)
  • Different analysis scopes of the laboratories
  • Assessment of the relevance of parameters
  • Risk-based analysis scope
  • Analytical limits of quantitation (LOQs)
  • Comparability of laboratory results and analytical variation
  • Assessment of positive findings on the basis of case studies

During the webinar you can send your individual questions to our experts. We will then contact you as soon as possible to give the appropriate answer.

Your Speaker

Johannes Jaschik, Senior Analytical Service Manager bei Eurofins Dr. Specht Laboratorien GmbH

Johannes Jaschik
Senior Analytical Service Manager
Eurofins Dr. Specht International GmbH
Johannes Jaschik has been working as a state-certified food chemist for more than 15 years in customer care for pesticide residues. As a qualified contact person for the analysis of tea and herbal tea, he consults customers in an international environment on the scope of testing and the evaluation of measurement results. For about 10 years, Mr Jaschik has been involved in the German Tea Association and the European Association THIE and is an active member of the Contaminants Working Group of the Wirtschaftsvereinigung Kräuter- und Früchtetee (German trade association for herbal and fruit tea).

Your Benefit

In this webinar you will learn which criteria are used to determine a sensible, product-related test scope and how you represent this to your customers with regard to the most varying requirements. You will learn how to better assess the results of a pesticide analysis in terms of scope and measurement uncertainty in order to be able to make reliable purchasing and sales decisions in the future.

Data at a Glance

Webinar: Focus Pesticide Analysis: Evaluation of Measurement Results
Language: English
Price: 95,00 Euro plus statutory VAT

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