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Analysis of Ethoxyquin and Ethoxyquin Dimer

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Ethoxyquin is approved as feed additive (E324). It acts as an antioxidant and prevents products from lipid oxidation as well as oxidation of vitamins and carotinoids. According to IFFO, a major part of the global fishmeal production is stabilized by ethoxyquin. In animal products such as poultry, eggs and seafood from aquaculture, residues of ethoxyquin can be found. In addition of the parent compound ethoxyquin, the metabolite ethoxyquin dimer can be detected in significantly larger quantities. Maximum levels for ethoxyquin and ethoxyquin dimer do not exist for fish so far.

Ethoxyquin is no longer approved as a pesticide for fruit and other vegetable products in the EU.

Our Eurofins experts have years of experience in the analysis of pesticides and additives in food and feed. Gladly, we offer the analysis of ethoxyquin and ethoxyquin dimer in fish and shellfish by means of GC-MS/MS.

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