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Electronic Invoices in ZUGFeRD Format

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For the sake of the environment, Eurofins would like to forgo the use of paper in its invoicing process and has therefore set itself the goal of issuing invoices in electronic form only from now on. You also have the option to use the standardised ZUGFeRD invoice data format (a German acronym that stands for Central User Guide for the German Electronic Invoicing Forum) for faster and simpler invoicing.

How does ZUGFeRD work?

  • Eurofins sends an email with the invoice as a PDF file in ZUGFeRD format.
  • Customers can open, view, and print this file with any PDF-viewing program. This allows anyone who receives a ZUGFeRD invoice to work with it as usual, even if he or she does not wish to take advantage of the special features of the ZUGFeRD format. Additionally, all of the data contained within the invoice is also made available in a standardised XML format within the PDF fi le. This can be extracted for further electronic processing. Now, using the data provided, the invoice can be checked and approved for booking.
  • Using Version PDF/A-3 ensures that the ZUGFeRD format will be able to meet the special requirements for long-term archiving.

ZUGFeRD Benefits at a Glance

  • Shorter processing times when dealing with invoices
  • Cost savings through the omission of manual checking and printing
  • Enables automatic reconciliation with the purchasing department and reduces the processing effort
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Suitable for companies of of all sizes

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