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CLF analyses food products to the highest quality and safety standards in compliance with national, EU and international regulations. Furthermore, Eurofins CLF staff members have profound knowledge in assessing analytical results, especially with regard to nutrient sensitive consumers such as infants and those in need of special clinical nutrition. These products pose complex analysis matrices and are also subject to specific requirements in terms of accurate nutrient levels, residue limits and microbiological specifications. Based on internationally recognised test methods, Eurofins CLF has developed respectively validated analytical methods for use in special matrices and is accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005.

Sophisticated analyzes for these product groups are performed in an exclusive lab environment and are the core competences of Eurofins CLF. Therefore it can be ensured that the risk of cross-contamination is minimised, that specific matrix effects are always in the focus of the laboratory staff, leading to extremely high reliable test results as samples from more than 50 countries worldwide prove.

Eurofins CLF staff members have a profound understanding of quality requirements for products needed by sensitive consumer groups. The laboratory staff is always conscious of the aspects of food quality and safety; they ensure the early and rapid identification of potential risks from pesticide residues, traces of other toxic substances, microorganisms or wrong nutrient dosage in food raw materials and foodstuffs. The detection and quantification of these harmful substances and the assessment of the risks involved in the overall context are an important part of the services offered.

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