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Supply chain control worldwide

Importers and traders face a particular challenge - to maintain consistently the quality of their products from the country of origin to the consumer. If after arriving in Europe the products are tested and found to be out of specification, importers might have to pay for their disposal. All too frequently the goods arriving in Europe are quite different from those that were supposedly tested prior to leaving their country of origin.

Seamless supply chain monitoring is required for global supply chain flow, rapid turnaround times and to meet increasing demands from customers and legislators. The procurement of foods as raw, semi-finished and finished products is complex to implement and presumes up-to-date legislative and logistics knowledge. Compliance with national specifications may necessitate the engagement of an on-site, independent third party. Customs clearance when sending samples, special legal constraints and the international labelling of foods require customs issues and legal barriers.

Valuable knowledge regarding global supply chains

Eurofins operates a wide network of inspectors and laboratories in the important procurement and productions markets. A continuous exchange of experience facilitates competent consulting through up-to-date expertise about food product safety. Eurofins keeps this knowledge state-of-the-art through our membership in national and international professional organisations, committees and associations as well as through cooperation with leading research institutes.

Representative sampling and logistics

Representative and independent sampling worldwide and rapid analysis results provide customers with all the relevant information well before the import of goods. Eurofins looks after all the logistics of the samples, including customs clearance when sending them. Established processes ensure rapid delivery and affordable conditions.

Eurofins works with continuously-trained inspectors from around the world. These inspectors take the representative samples, carry out the classic pre-shipment inspection (PSI) and create a report in accordance with agreed specifications.

Auditing and Consulting

Eurofins is able to carry out several audits in different countries thanks to our global Network of experienced and accredited auditors – in accordance with international standards such as ISO 22000, FSSC, IFS or with unique customer specifications.

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