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Your Laboratory: Quick - Quality- Quantity

Time is a valuable factor in the production and processing of food. For this reason, the Q-Bioanalytic team has set itself the goal of providing food business operators with particularly reliable analytical results. Through optimised and standardised processes, you receive e.g. your result for your salmonella analysis after less than 24 h.

The "Q" in the company’s name stands for the "Quality" of our services, as well as for the quality of the products of our customers, for which we provide our services. It also stands for "Quick". For the speed we achieve by designing optimal workflows to present our results to our customers as fast as possible. Finally, our modern laboratory makes it possible to perform 768 real-time PCR reactions at the same time, so that the "Q" stands for "Quantity". 

In this way, by partnering with Q-Bioanalytic GmbH you can minimise waiting times for the delivery of your products and satisfy your customers with safe products in the long term.

Analytical Service and Products

Q-Bioanalytic is your fast ISO17025 accredited service lab. Our focus is on real-time PCR-based methods in microbiology, animal species identification, GMO and allergen analysis.

Since 2003 we help our customers to ensure the quality of their products. Our laboratory services include:

  • Food analysis with classical and rapid methods
  • Official drinking water inspection center with trained samplers
  • Officially approved animal disease laboratory
  • Drug testing according to the GMP standard.

In addition to our analytical services, we also offer you reliable test kits for your own laboratory:

  • Real-Time PCR Kits (One Cup)
  • DNA purification kits

In order to optimally prepare your employees for the PCR techniques in the laboratory routine, we offer workshops at our site for you.

Results Online

With our encrypted test report portal, you can access your results anytime and anywhere. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as a result is available.

You want to test the reliability and speed of our analyses? Please contact us.

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