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Sensory and Consumer Research

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Consumer requirements and expectations are constantly changing. In order to be successful on the market in the long run, it is important to understand all relevant success factors like purchase triggers and selection mechanisms as well as the positioning. As consumer acceptance varies over time, it is advisable to examine consumer perceptions on a regular basis. Reproducible assessments enable optimising products and/or better positioning them.

The Expertise:

With experts and numerous test locations in the Eurofins Network it is possible to conduct trans-national, target-oriented and innovative studies.

The combination of:

  • Consumer studies with project-related recruitment of suitable target groups
  • Professional analytical sensory evaluations
  • Strategic and tailor-made project management

ensures the efficient execution of studies.

The Services:

Eurofins experts implement customised solutions including all current quantitative and qualitative methods for Food and Non-Food Products in professional and standardised sensory laboratories or in Home Use Tests

Eurofins sensory and consumer research investigates questions for example in terms of:

  • Optimisation of prototypes
  • Identification of the positioning of products (e.g. Benchmark studies)
  • Estimation of consumer expectations


Facts and Figures:

  • 3 tasting studios for consumers and 7 additional test locations

  • > 100 product categories
  • > 500 studies per year
  • 15.000 regular participants in consumer panels

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