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Privacy Statement rapidust

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The supplier and operator of the rapidust® app and rapidust® services (both hereinafter referred to as "rapidust") is Eurofins WEJ Contaminants GmbH, Neuländer Kamp 1a, 21079, Germany (hereinafter "Eurofins"). In the present Data Protection Statement, Eurofins explains the scope and content of the data collected, processed and used by rapidust®.

1. Usage data
1.1. Whenever rapidust® is used, the data that are requested or sent are transferred to one of Eurofins' servers at its Hamburg location. As is customary in the case of server-based requests, every access to rapidust® is stored by the Eurofins server in a log file. The following data are recorded:
  • The IP address of the requesting device
  • The date and time of the access
  • The name and URL of the retrieved file
  • The quantity of data transferred
  • The information as to whether the retrieval was successful
  • The identification data of the browser and operating system used
  • The location from which the access came
1.2. The aforementioned data are required for use by rapidust® (to establish a connection, transfer data or verify the test results). We store these data for purposes of system security, technical administration of the network infrastructure and optimisation of the service.
2. Registration and data transmission
2.1. To use rapidust®, the customer must register with the rapidust® device the customer is using.
2.2. When rapidust® is used, the data obtained by rapidust® in a particular test are transferred to Eurofins' servers for storage and analysis of the test results for the customer.
3. Data security, SSL technology
  Eurofins has taken all necessary technical and organisational measures to provide the best possible protection of personal data, particularly against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised third parties. Eurofins will continually monitor and adjust these security measures in accordance with technological development. Transmission of personal data between rapidust® and the Eurofins server is always encrypted (SSL protocol, secure socket layer).
4. Restriction of data use to a specific purpose and disclosure of data to third parties
4.1. Eurofins collects, processes and uses all of the data collected through rapidust® solely for the purpose of customising the service according to need and for the purpose of performing the services offered by Eurofins. It complies with all provisions of data protection law as it does so. Absent the customer's consent, Eurofins will collect, process, or use usage data transmitted by rapidust® only to the extent necessary for management of the contractual relationship and for use and invoicing of the contractually agreed services. Data are used otherwise exclusively in anonymised form.
4.2. For the services offered through our rapidust® we need access to your device's location data. If you send a request through rapidust®, we collect your current location data so that we can give you all necessary information quickly. Location data are used only for the immediate processing of your request. Once the transaction has ended, your location data are statistically analysed by Eurofins for the purpose of improving our service and exclusively in anonymised form.
4.3. Personal data are disclosed or otherwise provided to third parties only as permitted by the provisions of data protection law or with the customer's consent. Should service providers process data or perform maintenance services on Eurofins' systems on behalf of Eurofins, such data will be used only pursuant to a prior written agreement with Eurofins for data processing. Eurofins does not disclose personal data to third parties for promotional purposes.
5. Information on, correction of, and deletion of data

You have at all times the right to receive information on the data stored by Eurofins and to have such data corrected or deleted, provided that the contractual purpose is not defeated thereby. Please direct your request, stating your name and your contact address, to rapidust@eurofins.com or, through the post, to [Eurofins WEJ Contaminants GmbH, key word rapidust, Neuländer Kamp 1a, 21079, Germany].

Please note that your right to have data deleted may be limited by legal record-keeping requirements that we must observe. In addition, courts, public prosecutors or other authorities specified by law may retrieve data or demand disclosure of information on a legal basis.
6. Changes to the Data Protection Statement
  Eurofins reserves the right to amend this Data Protection Statement at any time in order to adapt it to the functions of the service. The latest current version of the Data Protection Statement applies to non-registered users; registered users are advised separately of changes to the Data Protection Statement.