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Eurofins GeneScan‘s Test Kits

Laboratory managers are responsible for the quality and reliability of their analysis results. Diverse requests, complex sample matrices and a fast transmission of results pose new every day challenges for analysis laboratories. Efficient laboratory routines and high quality results not only depend on highly skilled laboratory personnel, but also on the quality of the reagents used.

If you work in a food or feed laboratory, sooner or later you will get to know the kits from Eurofins. Two decades of expertise in the development of kits and their application in Eurofins laboratories on all continents have led to products, which set worldwide standards.

Laboratories all over the world trust in the quality of these products – let yourself, too, be persuaded by Eurofins GeneScan’s kits.


Solutions for:

Kits for:

Genetically Modified Organisms Real-time PCR
Animal Species Conventional PCR
Plant Species Protein Tests
Plant Pathogens (natural contaminations) DNA Extraction
Food Pathogens Genomic and Plasmid DNA
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