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Kits for the Identification of Animal Species

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More and more customers want to be transparently informed about the exact contents of their food. Is the vegetarian or vegan dish really free of animal traces? Does the ready-made meal contain only beef or also possibly horsemeat? The globalization of the food market increasingly leads to food adulterations, which oftentimes involve the decreased quality of high quality products. Even religious and ethical criteria can be at risk in the case of food adulteration. In order to verify the authenticity of products, food laboratories need reliable methods, which can answer these questions.

The Eurofins DNAnimal product line offers a broad spectrum of sensitive real-time PCR methods for a variety of animal species and taxonomic groups.

DNAnimal Screen – Comprehensive Screening of Animal Species

The DNAnimal Screen kits were developed for the detection of multiple animal species or taxonomic groups.

  • DNAnimal Screen Halal: a multiplex PCR kit, which can simultaneously detect pig and equidae (horse, donkey) DNA in various food samples.
  • DNAnimal Screen Ruminant: with this kit, all ruminants such as cattle, goats or sheep can be detected. The detection of products for ruminants is e.g. important in order to exclude protein material from ruminants which is forbidden in the EU.
  • DNAnimal Screen Fish: helpful if the presence of fish constituents should be ruled out in samples (e.g. in vegan food)
  • DNAnimal Screen Bird: for the identification or exclusion of poultry
  • DNAnimal Screen Mammal & Bird: detects the DNA of all land vertebrates (mammals and birds). This kit can e.g. be used to exclude animal DNA in samples.

DNAnimal Ident – Identification of Animal Species

DNAnimal Ident kits are reliable and cost effective tools for identifying or excluding individual animal species.

The following DNAnimal Ident kits are available as real-time PCR kits:

  • DNAnimal Ident Pork IPC
  • DNAnimal Ident Beef IPC
  • DNAnimal Ident Water Buffalo IPC
  • DNAnimal Ident Horse IPC
  • DNAnimal Ident Donkey
  • DNAnimal Ident Goat IPC
  • DNAnimal Ident Sheep IPC
  • DNAnimal Ident Chicken IPC
  • DNAnimal Ident Duck IPC
  • DNAnimal Ident Turkey IPC
  • DNAnimal Ident Goose IPC
  • DNAnimal Ident Meat IPC