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Conventional PCR Kits for GMO Testing Laboratories

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As the classic method, the conventional PCR with subsequent gel electrophoresis separation continues to be applied in the field of GMO analysis. Conventional PCR is especially appropriate for laboratories with a low sample throughput. Also for this method, the Eurofins’ kit portfolio offers a wide selection of screening methods and GMO identifications, in particular for maize, soy, rapeseed and cotton.

The Most Important Screening Kits for Conventional PCR

  • GMOScreen 35/NOS/FMV: a general screening kit for GMO in food and feed
  • GMOScreen Rapeseed: a kit specifically for rapeseed, which covers the most important genetically modified rapeseed events without the use of the CaMV 35S promoter detection, which is problematic when applied to rapeseed

Further screening kits for conventional PCR can be found in our product list.

Identification of GMO Using Gel-based PCR

The comprehensive Eurofins’ kit portfolio with modification- and event-specific GMO tests can be found in our product list