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Real-time PCR Kits for GMO Laboratories

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The advantages of real-time PCR over conventional PCR are clear. The amplification of the PCR products can be monitored in real time and opening of the reaction tubes following PCR is not necessary, which offers a clear advantage in view of contamination prevention.

Multiplex real-time PCR kits, such as many of those used in the GMOScreen kits, increase the laboratory efficiency by providing multiple results with the same amount of work and machine use.

In GMO analysis, real-time PCR methods not only allow for the qualitative analysis, but also for the quantification of GMO constituents in the sample.


The Eurofins GMOScreen product line is a flexible toolbox of intelligent screening and multiplex screening kits. This modular system offers different combination possibilities, which offer you a broad coverage of the relevant GMOs for answering various questions.

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Different national and regional approval situations require the precise identification of individual GMO events. Eurofins GMOIdent kits are available for the relevant GMO in soy, maize, rice, sugar beet, cotton, linseed or potato.

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In many countries, there are legal regulations regarding the limits and tolerance levels for GMOs. This makes quantitative methods an indispensable component of GMO analysis. Besides screening quantifications, Eurofins offers real-time PCR kits for event-specific quantification of all important GMOs.

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Verification Kits

Eurofins offers verification kits for GMOScreen RT 35S/NOS/FMV and GMOQuant kits. These kits include all components, which are required for the EURL recommended verification of the corresponding kit.