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Real-time PCR Kits for GMO Quantification

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In different countries, diverse labelling thresholds apply for GMO constituents in food and feed. If these given thresholds are exceeded, the GMO content has to be appropriately indicated on the product label. In the European Union (EU), a threshold for approved GMOs in food and feed of 0.9% applies, above which products must labelled. Below this threshold, the labelling requirement does not apply provided that the GMO admixture is adventitious and technically unavoidable. Quantitative methods help to answer the question of whether a product must be labelled or not.

Also, for the determination of the marketability of products, which contain non-approved GMOs, quantitative analyses might be necessary. Some non-approved GMOs are tolerated below a threshold of 0.1% in feed according to Regulation (EU) No. 619/2011. Here, too, the condition applies that the GMO presence must be adventitious and technically unavoidable.

With the support of Eurofins GMOQuant kits, you will be able to offer your customers a thorough analysis helping them to comply with labelling and marketability rules.

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