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Genetically Modified Canola

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EU approvals and pending decisions

GMO EU Approvals and Pending Decisions
Trade Name (Event, OECD-Identifier) Trait app.(1) pend.(2) 0,1 %(3)
Roundup Ready™ (RT73 (= GT73), MON-ØØØ73-7) HT x    
SeedLink™, InVigor™ (MS8 x RF3, ACS-BNØØ5-8 x ACS-BNØØ3-6) AG, HT x    
LibertyLink™ (T45, ACS-BNØØ8-2) HT x    
TruFlex Roundup Ready™ (MON88302, MON-883Ø2-9) HT x    
SeedLink™, InVigor™ (MS1 x RF2, ACS-BNØØ4-7 x ACS-BNØØ2-5) AG, HT     0,1% (food / feed)
SeedLink™, InVigor™ (MS1 x RF1, ACS-BNØØ4-7 x ACS-BNØØ1-4) AG, HT     0,1% (food / feed)
LibertyLink™ (Topas 19/2, ACS-BNØØ7-1) HT     0,1% (food / feed)
Optimum™ Gly (DP-073496-4, DP-Ø73496-4) HT   x 0,1% (feed)
unknown (MS11, BCS-BNØ12-7) AG, HT   x  
Laurical™ (23-198, 23-18-17, CGN-89111-8, CGN-89465-2) PQ      
Navigator™, Compass™ (Westar Oxy-235, ACS-BNØ11-5) HT      
LibertyLink™ (Liberator C/6Ac, ACS-BNØØ9-3) HT      
LibertyLink™ (Falcon GS 40/90, ACS-BNØ1Ø-4) HT      
unknown (GT200 (= RT200), MON-89249-2) HT      
unknown (DP-061061-7, DP-Ø61Ø61-7) HT      
Phytaseed™ (MPS965, line: MPS965) PQ      
Phytaseed™ (MPS961, MPS962, MPS964, MPS963, line: MPS961, MPS962, MPS964, MPS963) PQ      

(1): This overview does not reflect the different limitations of approvals (e.g. for use in food or feed) , line-specific approvals or stacked events.
(2): approval pending
(3): GMO fulfils the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 619/2011 and is tolerated in feed and feed material in a proportion not higher than 0.1% (s. or a separate Commission Implementing Decision applies for a certain threshold.
Legend: HT = herbicide tolerance, IR = insect resistance, AG = altered agronomic properties, PQ = altered product quality

Legal Bases and Guidelines

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