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Genetically Modified Papaya

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Currently no approval or pending decision for a genetically modified papaya event exists in the EU. Virus resistant papaya is grown commercially e.g. in Hawaii. Please contact us for further information.

Important Events

Trade Name (Event, OECD-Identifier) Trait
SunUp™, Rainbow™ (63-1, CUH-CP631-7) VR
SunUp™, Rainbow™ (55-1, CUH-CP551-8) VR
unknown (X17-2, UFL-X17CP-6) VR
unknown (Huanong No.1, line: Huanong No.1) VR
unknown (KN116/5, line: KN116/5) VR
unknown (18-2-4, line: 18-2-4) VR
unknown (16-0-1, line: 16-0-1) VR

Legend: HT = herbicide tolerance, IR = insect resistance, AG = altered agronomic properties, PQ = altered product quality

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