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Genetically Modified Rice

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So far no genetically modified rice was approved by the European Commission for food or feed. In the past gm rice events have been found and reported by the EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF).

Important Events

Trade Name (Event, OECD-Identifier) Trait
LibertyLink™ (LLRICE06, LLRICE62, ACS-OSØØ1-4, ACS-OSØØ2-5) HT
unknown (LLRice601, BCS-OSØØ3-7) HT
unknown (LLRice604, line: LLRice604) HT
Bt Shanyou 63, Huahui 1 (TT51-1, line: TT51-1) IR
KMD1 (TR30, line: TR30) IR
KeFeng 6 (Event 166, line: Event 166) IR
KeFeng 8 (Kefeng8, line: Kefeng8) IR
Tararikhteh (B827, BGH-00827-7) IR
unknown (PE-7, line: PE-7) IR
Golden Rice (GR2-G, GR2-E, GR2-L, GR2-R, GR2-T, GR2-W, line: GR2-G, GR2-E, GR2-L, GR2-R, GR2-T, GR2-W) HT, PQ
Golden Rice (GR1-309, GR1-146, GR1-652, line: GR1-309, GR1-146, GR1-652) HT, PQ
unknown (7Crp#10, line: 7Crp#10) PQ

Legend: HT = herbicide tolerance, IR = insect resistance, AG = altered agronomic properties, PQ = altered product quality

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