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Genetically Modified Soybean

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EU approvals and pending decisions

GMO EU Approvals and Pending Decisions
Trade Name (Event, OECD-Identifier) Trait app.(1) pend.(2) 0,1 %(3)
Roundup Ready™ (GTS 40-3-2, MON-Ø4Ø32-6) HT x    
Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield™ (MON89788, MON-89788-1) HT x    
unknown (MON87701, MON-877Ø1-2) IR x    
Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ (MON87708, MON-877Ø8-9) HT x    
Vistive Gold™ (MON87705, MON-877Ø5-6) HT, PQ x    
LibertyLink™ (A2704-12, ACS-GMØØ5-3) HT x    
LibertyLink™ (A5547-127, ACS-GMØØ6-4) HT x    
Cultivance™ (CV127, BPS-CV127-9) HT x    
Balance™ GT (FG72, MST-FGØ72-2) HT x    
Soymega™ (MON87769, MON-87769-7) PQ x    
Plenish™ (305423, DP-3Ø5423-1) HT, PQ x    
Optimum™ GAT™ (356043, DP-356Ø43-5) HT x    
Enlist™ (DAS-68416-4, DAS-68416-4) HT x    
Enlist E3™ (DAS-44406-6, DAS-444Ø6-6) HT x    
Conkesta™ (DAS-81419-2, DAS-81419-2) HT, IR   x 0,1% (feed)
unknown (MON87751, MON-87751-7) IR   x 0,1% (feed)
unknown (SYHT0H2, SYN-ØØØH2-5) HT   x  
unknown (MON87712, MON-87712-4) AG      
LibertyLink™ (A2704-21, ACS-GMØØ4-2) HT      
unknown (G94-1, G94-6, G-168, G94-19, DD-Ø26ØØ5-3, DD-Ø26ØØ5-3, DD-Ø26ØØ5-3) PQ      
LibertyLink™ (W62, W98, ACS-GMØØ2-9, ACS-GMØØ1-8) HT      
LibertyLink™ (Event GU262, ACS-GMØØ3-1) HT      
LibertyLink (A5547-35, ACS-GMØØ8-6) HT      
unknown (HB4, IND-ØØ41Ø-5) HT, ST      

(1): This overview does not reflect the different limitations of approvals (e.g. for use in food or feed) , line-specific approvals or stacked events.
(2): approval pending
(3): GMO fulfils the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 619/2011 and is tolerated in feed and feed material in a proportion not higher than 0.1% (s. or a separate Commission Implementing Decision applies for a certain threshold.
Legend: HT = herbicide tolerance, IR = insect resistance, AG = altered agronomic properties, PQ = altered product quality

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