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GMOQuant Event 5307 Corn

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The new quantitative kit GMOQuant Event 5307 Corn enables, in combination with the already available GMOQuant kits, a comprehensive quantification of the GMOs with EU approval (for more information please visit our page "Genetically Modified Corn"), which can be detected with the kit GMOScreen RT IPC Event GA21/PMI-NOS.

The GMOScreen RT IPC Event GA21/PMI-NOS kit is a perfect tool for a screening for genetically modified maize events including GA21, MIR604, MIR162, 5307 and 3272. Food and feed containing one of the EU approved lines (GA21, MIR604, MIR162 or 5307) must be labeled with a GMO share >= 0.9%.

With the new GMOQuant Event 5307 Corn kit all kits required to fulfill the labeling requirement according to EU legislation are now available.

At a Glance: GMOQuant 5307 Corn

  • Specificity of event-specific quantification in accordance with published EURL-method
  • Standard curves according to EURL GMFF guidance documents
  • Performance tested and implemented in Eurofins' testing laboratories

Ordering Information

Cat. # Item Description
5125222401 GMOQuant (LR) Event 5307 Corn Kit for event-specific quantitation of 5307 corn with corn DNA (hmgA) ref. PCR, 48 rxns each


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