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GMOScreen CsVMV/CV127/DP305423-1 Soy

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A New Multiplex Realtime PCR Kit for GMO-Screening Enhances the Efficiency of GMO Testing Laboratories

The multiplex kit GMOScreen 35S/NOS/ABII is an optimal combination of realtime PCR detection systems for the screening of genetically modified soybean. With an additional new multiplex realtime PCR assay Eurofins GeneScan Technologies now offers an even more comprehensive screening combination for all relevant GM soybean.

GMOScreen CsVMV/CV127/DP305423-1 Soy combines the screening-method CsVMV modification with the specific detection of the soybean events CV127 (Cultivance ™) and DP-305423-1 (Plenish ™). This new multiplex realtime PCR kit will increase the efficiency in the laboratory by providing a lean workflow. GMO testing laboratories are now able to offer their customers a comprehensive and efficient screening for GMO soybean using only two multiplex systems.

At a Glance: GMOScreen CsVMV / CV127 / DP305423-1 Soy

  • Optimally complements the broad screening multiplex GMOScreen 35S/NOS/ABII
  • Specific detection or exclusion of event CV127 and event DP-305423-1
  • No false-negative results: inhibition control (internal positive control; IPC) included in every reaction
  • Can be used flexibly with common DNA-extraction methods
  • Validated for the following real-time PCR cyclers:
    • Agilent Mx3000P, Agilent Mx3005P™
    • Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch™, Bio-Rad CFX96 Deep Well Touch™

Ordering Information

Cat. # Item Description
5421227104 GMOScreen RT IPC CsVMV / CV127 / DP305423-1 Soy (NR) Test kit for qualitative RT-PCR detection of Events DP-305423-1 and CV127 and CsVMV-pat(syn) modification in soy


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