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Analysis of biochar

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Analysis of biochar due to EBC

The Biochar Science Network has introduced guidelines for obtaining a biochar certificate (European Biochar Certificate). This is the basis for testing during the production of biochar. The certificate ensures the sustainable production of biochar and a transparent and measurable quality for  biochar users. The guidelines include detailed rules on production as well as quality criteria for biochar.

During the next few years an increasing use of biochar in agriculture is expected. Its fields of utilization range from soil conditioners, composting additives, carriers for fertilizers,  treatment of liquid manure, animal bedding , siloing additives, feed stuffs and medical uses amongst others.

Information about the European Biochar Certificate

Bio.inspecta AG

Ithaka insitute - Consulting for production, use, characterization and legal issues of biochar

Parameterpackage Biochar

parameter/performance analytical method
Biochar - Basic Package  
sample preparation DIN 51701-3
water content DIN 51718
ash content 550 °C analog DIN 51719/EN 14775
Thermogravimetry LECO
carbon, hydrogen DIN 51732
nitrogen DIN 51732
sulphur DIN 51724-3
oxygen (calculation) DIN 51733
carbonate-CO2 DIN 51726
Corg (calculation from Ctot und C-carbonate) calculation
H/C und O/C calculation
trace metals Pb, Cd, Cu, Ni, Hg, Zn, Cr, B, Mn in microwave digestion EN ISO 17294-2 /EN 1483
main elements P, Mg, Ca, K, Na, Fe, Si, S in melting digestion EN ISO 11885 /EN ISO 17294-2
PAK (EPA) EN 15527 (extraction with toluene)
pH-value DIN ISO 10390 (CaCl2)
bulk density DIN 51705
conductivity (salt content) DIN ISO 11265/BGK, Kap. III. C2
surface area analysis according to BET (incl. pure density) DIN 66132/ISO 9277
Biochar - Additional Parameters  
cross calorific value Ho DIN 51900
net calorific value, Hu, p DIN 51900
PCB, dioxins/furans (high resolution) HRMS
water holding capacitiy (WHC) on fraction <2mm E DIN ISO 14238, appendix A
ash content 815 °C DIN 51719
volatile matter DIN 51720