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Release and Stability Testing for Pharmaceuticals

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Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing supports you with all relevant stability and release tests for your pharmaceutical product as well as clinical study material.

We offer you the capacities as well as all possibilities to test your substance, your product or your process-related materials within the specified time frame.

We test materials for identity and content, contamination, physical properties and safety in compliance with cGMP guidelines. In addition, we adapt our processes individually to your requirements in order to make laboratory documentation, reporting and data delivery as efficient as possible and to guarantee high quality.

Our laboratory operations are designed to provide capacity for release testing while flexibly responding to smaller programs in a way that enables extremely short cycle times.


Why Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing?

  • We have extensive experience with every type of modality and have the flexibility and technical equipment to meet the ever-changing requirements of production schedules and time schedules.

  • Our broad range of services enables us to test all molecules, even the most complex ones, to minimize the time between production and release. This includes chemical and microbiological tests as well as special tests such as pyrogen, antibiotic potency, bioassay and toxicity tests.

  • Our stability chambers offer the best conditions for your stability storage.

  • Our global network of test laboratories enables us to support you in batch release according to EU requirements.

Our equipment

  • GC / GC-Headspace
  • TOC
  • KF
  • UV-VIS and IR
  • Dissolution bath
  • Stability chambers and refrigerators

Our Know-How

  • Pharmaceutical active ingredients (APIs)
  • OTC Products
  • Herbal medicinal substances
  • Cosmetics
  • Injectable substances
  • Packing and auxiliary materials ("raw materials")
  • Raw materials