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Efficacy studies for Biocides

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Efficacy studies for skin disinfectants

  • Hygienic hand washing & hand disinfection
    EN1499, EN1500
  • Pre-surgical hand disinfection

Efficacy studies against viruses

  • CEN test method applicable
    EN14476, EN14675, prEN16777, EN13610
  • Specific viruses
    Wide specific virus portfolio

Efficacy of aerosol disinfection systems

  • standard studies against micro-organisms and viruses
    AFNOR NF T 72-281
  • customer-specific studies
    on the basis of the sponsor's functions
  • Surfaces aerosol disinfection for USA
    GLP-tailored protocols for EPA registration of "fogging" disinfection devices


Efficacy studies for disinfection wipes

  • For wet wipes and customer-specific options


Efficacy studies for laundry products

  • Launder-O-Meter Tests (Petrocci & Clarck Method)
    ASTM standards
  • Chemical and chemo-thermal laundry disinfection


Efficacy studies against other targets

  • Biofilm
    amended EN ISO / TS 15883-5

  • Insects
    Subcontracting to partner laboratories

  • Rodents

Efficacy studies for US market

  • For EPA and FDA registration of antimicrobial agents
    ASTM and AOAC standards