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Testing of Novel Food, Food Additives and Feed

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We provide toxicological safety tests for food and feed

Food must be safe - this applies both to products produced and sold in Germany as well as to imported products.

In order to guarantee this safety, all ingredients or novel food must comply with health protection standards. In order to protect consumers, the identification of hazardous ingredients is mandatory. New ingredients and products as well as a constant change of eating habits on the part of consumers mean that new toxicological tests have to be carried out all the time, not only for novel food but also for animal feed. Here, too, healthy food can only be provided by animals if they are fed with perfect feed.

Eurofins Munich has more than 30 years of experience in the toxicological evaluation of feed, novel food, food additives, enzymes and flavourings. The identification of hazardous substances is mandatory for consumer protection. We offer the full service according to GLP as well as the current requirements of the European Authority (EFSA) and further international relevant guidelines (Redbook 2000, FDA).


Our Offer

In addition to the standard studies, we offer our customers individual security tests for their specific needs.

  • Genetic toxicity
    • Ames test (OECD 471)
    • Micronucleous test (OECD 487)
  • Subchronic toxicity
  • Chronic toxicity / carcinogenicity
  • Developmental and reproductive toxicology
  • Metabolism / toxicokinetics

Our partner laboratories in the "food" sector offer further tests for your food analysis. For further information please click here


Why Eurofins?

We offer you individual advice according to your specific project requirements and with regard to all scientific and regulatory aspects.

Our laboratories have extensive experience with various types of test materials, such as individual
substances, proteins and complex mixtures.

We are decentralized and unbureaucratic, but nevertheless a large research organization, which offers you access to state-of-the-art technologies, extensive capacities and a global presence.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs!