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Eurofins GeneScan - Setting Standards

From the seed to the finished food - from farm to fork: Since 1993, Eurofins GeneScan provides high quality analytical services to the food production industry in the field of GMO testing: Seed breeders, traders, ingredient- and food manufacturers and retailers value our strict customer focus. As the competence centre for GMO testing of the Eurofins Group, uncompromised quality and fast results are key to our service. By delivering expertise and analytical excellence to our customers along the whole supply chain, we are setting standards in food and feed testing.

Eurofins GeneScan has over 10 years of experience in residual host cell DNA testing offering services from assay development to routine testing in a GMP compliant environment, if required. Detection methods for the identification of plant and animal species in even highly processed products are at our disposal.

For over 15 years, Eurofins GeneScan plays a significant role in the development of new GMO detection methods. In addition to the development and validation of methods for our own laboratory and our broad range of kit products, Eurofins GeneScan offers contract development for different question.

In addition to a wide spectrum of testing services in our food laboratory Eurofins GeneScan offers a broad range of kits for your lab and for on-site-testing.

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GMO detection in food, feed and seed.

Residual DNA

Detection of residual DNA in different sample types.

Animal Species Identification

Species determination plays a central role in the regulation of the genuineness and marketability of a product.


Analysis of Halal food


Comprehensive analytical competence for your products.


Tailored solutions for the quality control of your products.

Eurofins GeneScan Test Kits

Kits for your lab and for on-site-testing.

Method Development

Contract development for different questions.

NON-GMO Products

NON-GMO products must comply with legal requirements.

GMO know-how

Visit our know-how centre and learn more about the global GMO situation.

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