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Analysis of Inorganic Contaminants

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Arsenic and the heavy metals lead, cadmium and mercury are apparant in all parts of the environment. The sources for the heavy metal emmissions are partly of natural origin (volcanoes, weathering), partly anthropogenic as a consequence of industrialisation (fumes, waste water, special waste and car exhausts). The heavy metals find their way into vegetable food through intake from the soil or water, or atmospheric sediments and even further into animal food. In the case of improperly produced cans, tin may migrate from those cans into the contained food.

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The Centre of Competence for the Analysis of Inorganic Contaminants within the global Eurofins Group, offers the examination of various metals and trace elements in a great variety of food and feed. Additionally, the analysis of radioactivity in food samples, such as the radionuclide caesium-137, is part of the portfolio.

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