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In Germany, coffee is even more popular than beer and, straight after crude oil, coffee is considered the most valuable export product. Thus it is of major importance to ensure consistent quality in order to protect your brand and build up long-term trade relationships with coffee merchants and roasters. The Hamburg Port is the biggest transshipment point for coffee worldwide and Germany's four main coffee roasters are situated in the greater area of Bremen, a city close by.

Eurofins Analytik with its Hamburg location is your experienced partner for any question on safety and quality concerning the whole range from import to storage up to roasting and placing your product on the market.

To ensure the quality and safety of coffee, Eurofins has merged the expertise of the entire Eurofins Group into one centre of excellence for coffee. Experts from all relevant fields along with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and the latest analytical methods are available for your inquiries.

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