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A broad and validated method spectrum is necessary to support food and feed producers with the quality assurance of their products. Whether microbiological analyses for the control of pathogens, chemical-physical analyses for the most important contaminants or molecular biological analyses for genetically modified organisms – you will find your experts at Eurofins.

The Eurofins laboratories have evaluated and validated a multitude of tests for a large number of matrices. Through the close cooperation of our laboratories, you will find the perfect analysis spectrum for your products, which is completely catered to your individual needs. Even the most diverse analysis requirements for a product are answered in our many laboratories with maximum effectiveness.

If your preferred analysis parameters are not listed, we would be happy to help you find the right test for your product from within the worldwide Eurofins network.


Allergens - Lupine

Allergens - Molluscs

Inorganic Contaminants


Dioxins Furans PCBs


Flame retardants


Human Biomonitoring


Organic Contaminants

Organic Contaminants - Mineral Oils

Perfluorinated Compounds


Residual DNA

Animal Species

Animal Species Identification - Halal

Veterinary Drug Residues

Organotin Compounds
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