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In recent years, the demand for extra virgin olive oil has risen significantly in the German market. Higher demand has resulted in the situation where olive oil is now available in every price bracket. The EU has adopted the regulations (EEC) No 2568/91 and (EU) No 29/2012 directives which regulate the distribution, labelling and marketing of olive oil in order to meet the increased consumption of the product by European consumers.

On the way to improve olive oil: accompany olive oil expert Nadja Liebmann on her customer visit to an olive grove in Crete.

Eurofins offers olive oil testing for compliance with all legal requirements as well as individual requirements and industry-specific problems. We advise and support you on compliance with a range of European and international regulations, directives and recommendations regarding physical, chemical and sensory investigations as well as labelling checks. Our experts also offer support in the production of specifications and test plans.

Eurofins can determine the olive oil origin by means of 1H NMR spectroscopy. Currently, olive oil from the most important countries of origin Italy, Spain and Greece can be analysed. The method is accredited according to ISO 17025.

Our experience in the field of olive oil analysis is continually expanded through regular participation in ring trials, such as SSOG, DGF, AOCS and, as a result, our affiliation with sensory panels. Also, our membership in relevant professional bodies, such as the DGF, ensures regular updates on the latest developments in legislation and current events. New, bespoke testing methods for the needs of the olive oil sector can be developed by request.

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