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In the last few years the German market was distinctive for its rising demand of olive oil marked as extra virgin, which led to an availability of olive oil in every price range. The increasing consumption has to be accompanied by rising quality standards to avoid a decrease in quality. Therefore the European Union enacted the legislations (EWG) No 2568/91 and (EU) No 29/2012, which regulate the prevailing public understanding, labelling and commerce of olive oils.

Eurofins offers a broad screening of olive oil according to all legal regulations as well as their individual requirements and problems. We advise and support you dealing with the great variety of European and international laws, regulations and recommendations with relations to physicochemical and sensory analysis of olive oil. In addition, we help you with label examination to make sure you stay within all the regulations. Furthermore we assist you with generating specifications and analytical reports. Our know-how in the fields of analysing olive oils grows continuously through our routinely participations in interlaboratory tests (like SSOG, DGF, AOCS) and our affiliation of panels. Being a member in relevant committees allows us, to inform you early on about developments and latest occurrences. If needed, we are happy to develop new testing methods, which will align accordingly to your requirements.

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