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Milk and milk products should not be missing in a wholesome diet. Due to their high-quality composition in terms of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, dairy products are easily digestible and quick sources of energy. They are particularly important as a source of calcium.

Pure milk  or milk in the form of processed products such as yoghurt, quark, kefir, cream and cheese - dairy products are offered today in an impressive variety. Trend articles such as low-fat and lactose-free products as well as products made from sheep's and goat's milk complement the range on offer.

As part of the quality assurance of your products, Eurofins supports you with all sensory and microbiological tests (germ contamination, hygiene status) and analyses of ingredients (nutritional value analyses, vitamins and minerals). Molecular biological tests (determination of animal species, detection of genetically modified organisms or authenticity of mozzarella) as well as all relevant parameters in the field of residues and contaminants (residues of veterinary drugs, aflatoxin M1, dioxins) are also available in our broad range of analytical services.

Thanks to our long-term experience in the field of milk and milk products and our network of experts, we are in a position to offer you not only the analysis of your products but also other comprehensive services such as national and international labelling tests and food law advice.

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