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Honey is considered as a natural and substantially unprocessed product. For the consumer honey is a prime example of a high-quality, pure food product. Since bees produce the honey by collecting nectar, honeydew and pollen in their immediate surrounding, its natural conditions and environmental influences are directly reflected in the composition and quality of the honey. For this reason, honey is one of the best controlled food in order to ensure the high requirements regarding naturalness, purity and authenticity.

Honey is generated almost anywhere in the world and traded globally. Nevertheless, worldwide legal regulations and quality requirements for honey partly differentiate greatly, just as its usage and consumption habits. Countries such as Germany or Great Britain can only produce a fraction of their demand in honey themselves and thus need to import the majority of honey. Contrarily, in Asian and Latin American countries the production of honey surpasses the consumption and therefore export to Europe, USA or Japan. The most comprehensive and rigorous requirements are currently applicable in Europe. They refer to product identity, composition, authenticity (origin, species, adulteration) as well as residues and contaminants (antibiotics, pesticides, toxic alkaloids, heavy metals, GVO). However, also within the EU there are certain differences nationwide in the execution and specification of additional regulations, despite the EU-wide uniform food law.

Eurofins offers a comprehensive and needs-based range of services for the analytics, evaluation and quality assurance of honey and other bee products (pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, propolis). Innovative and efficient analysis methods (enzymatic, photometric, chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods, stable isotope analysis, NMR spectroscopy, microbiology and DNA/GMO analytics), fast processing and reaction time, many years of expertise in scientific and legal evaluations, thorough industry knowledge as well as expert activity in national and international expert committees and associations distinguish our services. Contact us for further information on our service range or use the subsequent links on our website.

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