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Seed stands at the beginning of the agricultural value chain. The quality of the seed, therefore, lays the foundation for the quality of food and feed. The increasing demands for safe food in increasingly complex global trade flows and a steadily growing production translate to ever growing challenges for the production and control of plant-based agricultural products.

For example, the control of conventional seed for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) constitutes an important requirement for many markets. Aside from a comprehensive GMO analysis service, at Eurofins, seed producers also find a reliable partner for the development and validation of real-time PCR assays. With ISTA-recognized analyses for the determination of the germination capacity and purity, Eurofins is a qualified partner for the quality assurance of seed.

From the seed production to sowing and harvest up until the marketing of plant-based agricultural products: Safety and quality are of top priority. The long-term experience and bundled expertise of the Eurofins international network make possible the development of local, custom-tailored solutions for the control of seed in the modern Eurofins laboratories.

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