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Proof of Irradiation

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Approximately 200,000 tons of food per year are irradiated, the main part being herbs and spices.

Irradiation of food and supplements or their treatment with ionizing radiation is used in over 40 countries to prolong stability. The procedure is applicable on a number of different matrices:

  • To kill microorganisms in herbs and spices
  • To prevent sprouting and germination of potatoes, onions and garlic
  • To kill or sterilize insects in cereals, dried fruit, nuts and vegetables
  • To defer maturing and ripening in fruit and vegetables
  • To prolong the date-of-expiry by killing microorganisms in meat and fish

According to Guideline 1999/3/EC, irradiated food must be labelled as such in all EU member states.

Eurofins offers irradiation testing in food, food additives and dietary supplements according to the following European standard methods:

  • Electron Spin Resonance (ESR, DIN EN 13708, DIN EN 1786, DIN EN 1787)
  • Photo Stimulated Luminescence (PSL, DIN EN 13751)
  • Thermoluminescence (TL, DIN EN 1788)

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