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Standard Analysis Packages

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Throughout the world there are several agencies that require certain parameters to be tested before a tobacco product can be put on the market. Our standard analysis packages we offer include:

  • Coresta Agrochemical Guideline
  • USDA Guideline
  • United Arabic Emirates Guideline
  • Major Cigarette Manufacturer Guideline
  • Screening Packages (tailored to your needs)

Introduction to our Screening Program

We are always striving to help our customers reduce expenses and receive high quality results in a timely manner. During this quest, we noticed the variety of agrochemical applications is as diverse as the different tobacco growing regions of the world. To capitalize on this fact, we developed a screening program that allows you to pre-screen your lots.

Our Screening Program allows customers to pre-test lots for their 'problem' agrochemicals. Thus eliminating the need to perform a full test on lots where especially high levels of agrochemicals are found. This weeds out the bad lots, reduces overall costs and allows funds to be spent wisely on those lots that are fairly certain to be within allowable agrochemical residue levels. Furthermore, the turn-around-time for our screening program is significantly fewer days than it is for our full analysis programs.

Although our database provides us information enabling us to recommend agrochemicals for pre-screening, you are working more closely with the product and therefore can tell us exactly which agrochemicals you would like to have evaluated.
If you are interested in our screening program, please provide us with the list of agrochemicals you would like to pre-screen or ask us for a recommendation. After reviewing your list, we will provide you with a proposal.