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EU bans Use of Bee-harming Pesticides

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Proud to be a Global G.A.P. Member 2018Since 27.04.2018, the use of three substances from the group of so-called neonicotinoids is forbidden on fields Europe-wide. The European Parliament issued a ban this morning on the pesticides Imidacloprid, Clothianidin and Thiamethoxam. These may only be used in greenhouses in the future.

Following a comprehensive risk assessment, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) had already confirmed at the end of February the harmfulness of the insecticides mentioned for bees.
Although these pesticides protect fruits, vegetables and cereals from pests, they damage the central nervous system of beneficial insects and can further drive bee mortality.
Bees play an important role in the pollination of ornamental and crop plants and thus directly contribute to securing food supply and biodiversity.

From the perspective of sustainability, the use in the field of potted and ornamental plants and cut flowers should be considered. These, too, are treated in part with the harmful substances and thus possibly reach the home garden.

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