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Feed: A Harmonised Approach to GMP+ Implementation

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Registered GMP+ B11 Laboratories Program

July 2019. Reliable laboratory analyses are crucial for a robust feed safety chain. Recognising this importance, GMP+ International, the certification scheme for feed safety, has launched the Registered GMP+ Laboratories program. By July 1st, 2019, laboratories that analyse critical contaminants for GMP+ FSA (Feed Safety Assurance) certified companies, had to apply for GMP+ B11 registration. From 1 January 2020, only Registered GMP+ Laboratories will be allowed to carry out the analysis of critical contaminants.

Certification of Eurofins Laboratories

Eurofins has harmonised the certification of the participating laboratories involved in monitored testing in an international project to ensure that the certification process across Eurofins labs is as smooth as possible. This harmonised approach is designed to be of the greatest benefit to you, our customers, so you can rest assured that Eurofins laboratories performing or subcontracting analysis of critical contaminants are fully audited and certified.

GMP+ and the Requirements for Certified Laboratories

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) was established by the Dutch feed industry in 1992, after a number of serious cases of contaminated feed materials. GMP+ FSA standards have been developed to synchronise requirements for feed in order to ensure quality and safety throughout the entire global feed chain.

GMP+ registered Laboratories must meet the following performance criteria for their contaminant(s) of choice:

  • LOQ (limit of quantification)
  • reproducibility
  • bias
  • measurement uncertainty

The programme exclusively applies to the following critical contaminants:

  • aflatoxin B1
  • dioxins/dioxin-like PCBs/ non-dioxin-like PCBs
  • heavy metals including fluorine

Do you have any questions about GMP+ or the certification program? Please do not hesitate to refer to your personal account manager or directly contact us.