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The production of baby food does not only present the producers and farmers with big challenges, but also the quality and experience of a laboratory service provider. Lawmakers recognise babies and young children as a demographic group especially worthy of protection since the relation of food intake to body weight is the highest during this stage of life. Consequently, toxic residues that may result from cultivation or production must be reduced considerably more than required for other food. The regulation (EC) 1881/2006 and diet regulations define specific nutritional requirements and limits for contaminants that are far below conventional ones. Organically grown food will often be used, especially to restrict pesticide residues during production. Other contaminants such as heavy metals and mycotoxins, although influenceable through cultivation and storage conditions, are more difficult to regulate and are liable to high fluctuations. The Eurofins group is glad to support you with a monitoring plan tailored to your products and requirements.

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