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Pre Shipment Inspection

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Eurofins offers a range of Pre-Shipment Inspection services to prevent a loss of quality during the products journey from the country of origin to the customer. Leaving the country of origin faultless is one of the most important steps during the supply chain. Exported commodities have to comply with import regulations and customer requirements. A non-fulfillment of the legislations or retail specifications would possibly imply additional costs.

Eurofins offers inspections, sampling and analytical services in each corner of the world. The sampling and the inspection is done on site and the analysis is performed in the Eurofins competence centers with accredited laboratories worldwide, mainly in Europe.

One of the main parts of the pre-shipment inspection is verifying the total amount of goods and packaging, to ensure the quality and to verify the documentation of the products.

Eurofins holds a wide network of inspectors and auditors, qualified and trained.

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