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Mykotoxins in grain: rapidust® On-site sampling & Analysis

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rapidust® -Trust Your Dust.

Unique advantages of the patented rapidust systems:

  • Within minutes from sampling to result
  • Easy handling
  • Representative results for small and large lots

With rapidust® offers Eurofins the first quick and simple test system for mykotoxins. Sampling and analysis even of large grain lots can be immediately carried out on-site.
This protects against until now undetected contaminations with mycotoxins.

For the rapidust®-procedure, grain dust is sampled and analysed. In the abrasion of grain, mycotoxins are particularly enriched.
The analysis of grain dust reliably shows the contamination of whole grain lots or of animal feed.
The easy and intuitive handling of the system enables its unaccompanied usage after short instruction.
Within minutes, the result is readily available for a sample.
In benchmark tests, the measurement errors were shown to be extremely low. .

The final results are given as concentration mycotoxin in the grain lot, or simplified as a traffic light.

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