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Analysis for Ethoxyquin in Feed Additives

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EU Regulation Requires the Analysis of Ethoxyquin in Complex Feed Premixtures

Dec 2019. Eurofins now offers the analysis of ethoxyquin in complex feed additives. In addition to vitamin premixes the new method now allows for the analysis of ethoxyquin in plant oleoresins. The LC-MS/MS method reaches a limit of quantification of 10 µg/kg. The standard turn-around time for the analysis of ethoxyquin is 5 days with express service possible on request.

What is Ethoxyquin?

Ethoxyquin was used as a pesticide until 2011 and is now used as an antioxidant. It is often used as a feed additive to protect unsaturated fatty acids against oxidation. The topic becomes more important in terms of food safety due to enrichment of antioxidants in animal fat and meat tissue. Some metabolites of ethoxyquin provide structural evidence of mutagenicity and carcinogenicity, therefore the health effects are controversial.

Legal Background

Ethoxyquin was approved as a feed additive in accordance with Directive 70/524/EEC and entered in the Register of Feed Additives in accordance with Article 10 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003. The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) prepared a new safety assessment, which was published in October 2015. Since the safety of these substances could not be demonstrated, they pose a risk to human and animal health. Accordingly, the authorization of ethoxyquin as a feed additive was suspended with the new Regulation (EU) 2017/962. The regulation came into force on 28.06.2017. It provides several transitional measures for feed, the additive ethoxyquin itself and premixes containing ethoxyquin.

The former use of ethoxyquin as a pesticide also makes corresponding references in Regulation (EU) 396/2005. For example, ethoxyquin may be present in products of animal origin such as poultry, cattle, goat or horse, up to 50 µg/kg. A maximum residue level for fish has not been established.

Analysis of Ethoxyquin at Eurofins

Besides the newly established analysis of ethoxyquin in complex feed additives, Eurofins offers the analysis of ethoxyquin in all common food and feed matrices. The analysis of ethoxyquin and ethoxyquin dimer in fish complements the offer.

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