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EU Guidelines on Additional Official Controls on Organic Products Originating from China

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New EU Commission Guidelines Valid for 2019 - Impact on Your Imports

Feb 2019. Special control measures will be implemented by the competent authorities of EU member states for each consignment of the following organic food and feed products from China, applicable from 01/01/2019 until 31/12/2019:

Cereals, products of the milling industry, oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, miscellaneous grains, seeds and fruit, industrial or medicinal plants, straw and fodder, residues and waste from the food industries, prepared animal fodder including oilcake and other solid residues, Goji berries and products processed from them.

Consignments originating from China arriving at the EU border from another third country shall also be concerned by these guidelines. A representative sample of each consignment from the point of entry into the EU has to be analysed in an accredited lab for all relevant pesticides, as defined by expert knowledge. The full text of the EU guidelines can be found here.

Services of Eurofins

Eurofins Food Testing provides the comprehensive service to face this challenge and to reduce the risks of importers of organic products:

  • Inspections prior shipments of all goods originating from China
  • Not only in China, but in all countries from which these products might come from, like Southeast Asia
  • Inspections at points of entry in most EU member states
  • Service includes
    • representative sampling as defined in the guidelines,
    • sealing of lots,
    • if required loading controls
    • and detailed inspection reports with photo documentation
  • Highly rebated courier service charges for sample shipments on our accounts
  • Comprehensive analysis of plant protection agents in our accredited German laboratories for all relevant chemicals for all above product types

Do Not Buy a Pig in a Poke - Check the Goods Before You Buy Them

Use our economic flat rate for most locations in mainland China including all travel costs of the inspector - even in remote areas like in Inner Mongolia and the Golmud area.  Please contact your account manager or refer directly to our expert!